Online Shopping: 5 Common Problems With Solutions

online shopping

Online shopping can be fun, convenient, and time-saving but we cannot deny that it comes with its own set of concerns. It all depends on how dependable the online shopping platform is, and how much it emphasizes on making user experience free of e-commerce troubles.

Here are the most common problems that customers experience while shopping online, and worry not, the solutions to them follow suit! Read on:

Online shopping Problems

Online shopping Problems with Solution

1. Virtual Challenge of Reality

online shopping In easier words, this problem with online shopping can be called ‘trust issues’. Liking a product is never enough, customers need to make sure the product is durable and meets the purpose.

Online shopping poses the problem of the drastic difference between real and virtual. Neither do the customers personally know the vendor nor can they see the product for what it is.

There’s a great chance that the size, color, and fabric appear different in the picture and leave the customer disappointed on delivery.


The importance of having reviews on an E-Commerce platform cannot be overstated.

Genuine reviews of a product by consumers already using it are more assuring than any other claim that your website makes.

Besides reviews, an effective way to do away with this online shopping problem is to verify the vendors you collaborate with.

On the basis of their records and history, verify and certify trusted members so that the consumers know your website is ready to take responsibility.

E-commerce issues of conflicting virtual-physical nature can also be ruled out if you collaborate with vendors that have easy return policies.

2. Irregular Variety Moderation

This is an online shopping problem that is not as addressed enough but poses major confusion for consumers.

The basic idea is that having too much variety can drive away your customers, and lacking it can keep them away. A moderation or balance needs to be maintained.

Customers tend to lose interest if they don’t find what they are looking for quickly. That is why having too many options and variety is a problem.

On the other hand, if there’s not enough variety, the customer might not exactly find what he is looking for at all.


E-commerce problems like these can be easily tackled by enabling a highly customized and personalized user experience.

Having variety is inevitable if you need to retain and cater to customers of all types, but showing all the variety to them is not necessary. Customizing search results precisely according to keywords, preferences, and shopping history is an excellent way to solve this online shopping problem.

To avoid lacking variety, having displays for different sizes is pivotal, especially when buying clothes is concerned.

Different models of different sizes with their own body specifications make the customer feel relatable and more inclined towards buying.

3. Uncertainties with Security

online shopping We would be lying if we deny a certain amount of nervousness before making any important transaction while shopping online.

The most common problem with online shopping is the fear of losing money to unstable payment gateways, followed by the inconvenience of having to fill in several details and go through multiple steps before making a payment.

Customers fear saving bank information on e-commerce platforms fearing hacking, stealing of devices, etc. And money-related uncertainty is the most dangerous online shopping problem, not only because customer’s money is at stake, but because the brand’s reputation is at stake too.


The most obvious solution is obviously to partner with the most popular and recommended payment gateways, ones that even the customers recognize.

Enabling a variety in payment options, right from traditional card payments to digital wallets like Google Pay is another way to make customers feel comfortable with whichever payment option they trust.

Bring in advanced reliable payment options that entice customers like Bitcoins.

You can also solve this online shopping problem by offering cashback and other coupons to encourage them to make transactions.

4. Unspecific Specifications

Specifications of any product or service are important for the customer to decide that the product is exactly what they need.

This online shopping problem generally arises with non-technical products like clothes, accessories, body care products, supplements, and certainly with services. This problem can transcend into a scarier e-commerce problem- misunderstandings- which can snatch away your platform’s credibility. If the customer expects one thing due to misleading specifications and the product turns out to be different, your platform can be in trouble.


A single, sturdy, sure-shot solution to this online shopping problem is making product descriptions more elaborate. Try to not miss out on any details and explain the product in a way that can form a sensory experience for the customer. For instance, make sure a silky fabric like Organza is not described as silk but as a light, smooth, and sheeny fabric that feels like silk.

5. What After-Sales?

O online shopping ne of the greatest concerns of customers with respect to product-based e-commerce purchases is the after-sales service. An e-commerce platform’s responsibility doesn’t end with the sale, it actually begins there. Delivery, return and exchange policies, refunds, repairs, guaranty, and warranty claims, each of these accounts for a company’s loyalty towards its customers. A bad after-sales experience can involve late delivery, or delayed refund, or even confusing exchange policy which will reflect in the buyer’s perspective of your brand, and a negative word of mouth marketing.


A detailed, easy to understand, logical, and consumer-oriented after sales policy should be derived and placed strategically on your website. The idea is to help the customers easily navigate to the rules of the policies during their browsing as well as remind them of the same after each purchase.

A convenient and elaborate tracking system should be in place as an informed customer is less concerned, even during unfortunate circumstances that cause delays.

An efficient response system should be assigned so that in case of any problem with the product, the customer does not feel that it is a hassle to return or exchange. Quick responses and a timeline of pick-up and refund assure the customers that your brand cares for them and not just their money.

The underlying one-stop solution to all online shopping problems is thinking from the point of view of customers. Their worries, concerns, priorities, and trust should be essentially taken care of and your website will be good to go!

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